The basic structure and working principle of the dryer

Dryer is one of the key equipment in wet fishmeal production. Press cake into the dryer, tube heating board. In the powder baffle plate, the Phat board, powder push plate, constantly turning forward, gradually drying, colour, fragrance and taste of high-quality fish meal. Tube plate dryer is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving type dryer.

Dryer is composed of a cylindrical casing and rotor. The material into the dryer after is the spindle and shaft tube plate heating and drying, steam is discharged from the top, as concentrated heat source equipment, finished sent out by the spiral

Kiểu máy Sản lượng/ngày (Kg/24h) Trọng lượng(t) Công suất(KW) Kích thước (m)
GZJ-1.4*10 5500 13 30 11.0*1.53*2.32
GZJ-1.5*10 6000 16 37 11.0*1.61*2.12
GZJ-1.6*10 8000 20 45 11.0*1.74*2.33
GZJ-1.8*10 11000 28 55 11.0*2.46*2.78
GZJ-2.0*10 14000 31 75 11.0* 2.66 *2.98
GZJ-2.2*10 15000 34 90 11.0* 2.86* 3.18


Performance characteristics

1 Shell with steam heating sandwich, increase the drying area, improve thermal efficiency, to ensure that the material is fully dry;

2 Compression type window handle of the cover, compact structure, convenient opening and closing;

3 High quality seamless steel pipe;

4 Equipped with steel structure base, no need to provide concrete foundation, and can arbitrarily change the installation location;

Perfoemance charachteristics

1 Using heating methods both in jecket and spindle.

2 The windows several kinds of mounting type for easy mount.

3 The meterial of main pressure part used Q345R

4 Easy installtion.