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Feed / powder conveyor with stepless speed motor, adjustable and control the material into the speed, in order to meet the continuous production process requirements, to achieve the amount of matching.

Conveyor with a fully enclosed structure, greatly improving the working environment, providing production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Conveyor shell with all stainless steel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life.

The cooler is used to reduce the temperature of the fishmeal, which consists of a cylindrical housing and a screw shaft that cools the circulating water. The cylindrical shell is provided with a cooling water sandwich. The spiral shaft and the spiral pipe on the shaft adopt a hollow structure, and the internal cooling water is arranged. At the same time, there is a wind outlet at the top of the shell, which is connected with the cooling fan through the pipe. Outside the natural wind into the cooling cylinder after the fan is constantly out to form a cooling cycle of the wind.

The higher temperature of the fishmeal from the inlet into the machine, in the cooling of the circulating water through the spiral pipe and the role of the shell, the constant stirring and throwing, the heat is constantly being distributed at the same time, the distribution of water vapor immediately by the cooling cycle The wind is taken away, so the fishmeal temperature is decreasing and pushed to the discharge port under the action of the spiral pipe.


Conventional model

model SLJ-1200 SLJ-1400 SLJ-1400 * 7150
Processing capacity Matching 80T / 24h the following production lines Supporting 100 (150) T / 24h production line Supporting 150T / 24h above production lines